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At Niagara Orchard & Vineyard Corp, we have a wide range of trellising supplies and machinery available. Some of our many items include: steel and bamboo stakes,t-posts, trellising wires, anchors, wire tighteners, end-posts, gripples and many more. We also have a bulk wire trailer available for rent. Please call 905-468-3297 for


Stakes- Steel & Bamboo

bamboo stakes

Bamboo stakes

We offer 4’x 0.5″ and 5′ x 0.5″ bamboo stakes, Available in bale lots of 500. An more economical option to galvanized steel stakes

galvanized steel stake

Steel stakes- galvanized

We have 4′ x 0.25″ steel stakes available for sale individually or in lots of ~250.

Steel Anchors

Wire tighteners

angled wire tightener

Angled wire tighteners

Our steel wire tighteners are drilled on one end to facilitate adjustable tightening of wires to end posts. Available individually or bulk.

6″(drilled end) x 3.5″ (short end) x 0.5″ wide


9 gauge soft anchor wire

9 gauge

Our 9 gauge (soft) galvanized steel, 50lb coils average 17’/lb or 850’/coil

12.5 gauge hi-tensile wire

12.5 gauge hi-tensile

Our 12.5 gauge hi-tensile galvanized steel, 100lb coils average 40’/lb or 4000’/coil

14 gauge hi-tensile wire

14 gauge hi-tensile

Our 14 gauge hi-tensile galvanized steel, 100lb coils average 60’/lb or 6000’/coil

crimp wire


Our crimp galvanized steel, 100lb coils average 30’/lb or 3000’/coil

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